Patterson Financial


Tax. Invest. Income.


Patterson Financial provides a unique fusion of tax planning, investment management and retirement income strategies. We are CPAs and investment professionals that devote our time, energy and resources into improving our client’s tax planning and money management needs. We are able to orchestrate your tax needs at any level, manage your assets efficiently and provide unique retirement income solutions that allow you to rest easy knowing you are in very competent hands. 



We can do it all, or do just what you need.  

Whether you are a business owner looking for the most efficient way to manage your business finances, or an individual that wants to hold on to more of your hard earned cash, Patterson Financial wants to help you optimize your tax plan. 

We provide detailed tax planning that takes the guess work out of how to limit your tax bill. Small business owners receive pro-active advice combined with quantified tax savings based on the strategies you choose. Yes, we will actually let you know how much you can save based on the recommended strategies you choose to implement. Let’s get started. 


Growth with peace of mind! 

Whether you’re years away from retirement, or enjoying your golden years or you’re a longtime employee with retirement packages to choose from or you’re a successful business owner trying to determine how much your business is worth and how you’ll turn that successful business into a comfortable retirement our unique retirement maximization process will help ensure your assets are best positioned to benefit from the growth of the stock market while mitigating risk and providing the income you need. Our in depth analysis and discovery process will allow us to build a customized approach that fits your risk tolerance, grows your money, and allows you to sleep at night.


Income is the outcome in retirement!   

At some point in all of our lives we move from the accumulation phase of retirement into the distribution phase. Patterson Financial understands the income needs of our clients, and while most advisors focus solely on getting you up the mountain, our firm also focuses on getting you safely down the mountain via safe and sustainable distribution strategies. We assist clients with social security claiming options in order to receive the maximum you are entitled to from social security.  We then craft a retirement income plan that shows the client in detail how to pull money efficiently from each account while ensuring you do not outlive your assets.


The repeated iteration in devising my ultimate investment structure was particularly
valuable as I went in with certain ideas and then refined them along the way into a more
effective portfolio better suited to my age, circumstances and long term goals.
— Walter Bianchi

I appreciate having you Chris as my CPA/Financial Advisor and everyone on your team. Even though I don’t see you all every day I know that you are there if I ever need you. Thank You all for all you do!
— Marti K.